Arbor Alert! This Tree is Missing.

Arbor Alert banner hanging on the fence in front of the Kan Zaman Restaurant, at 1616 West 25th.

Somebody is not happy about the removal of the tree that had been growing in a sidewalk cutout.

This banner caught my attention as I drove home from my Thursday weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Cleveland.  Heading south on W. 25th St. from Detroit Ave toward Lorain Ave, I saw this banner hung on the fence in front of the Kan Zaman Middle Eastern Restaurant & Bakery.

Of course, I HAD to get a picture of it, so I quickly turned around and went pack to the Kan Zaman parking lot.  There, in front of the banner, was a section of new concrete, where clearly the tree pictured on the banner had once been.

And, there, looming large above the north end of the parking lot, stood the large billboard for Cleveland’s Country Music Station, WGAR 99.5.  Score one for the billboard industry!

The reason why the “missing tree” was removed – to accommodate an unobscured view of this beautiful billboard.


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