Tom Mugridge Recieves International Award of Distinction


Tom Mugridge, General Manager of the Forest City Tree Protection Co., Inc and 2012 recipient of the ISA Honorary Life Membership Award of Distinction.

The International Society of Arboriculture presented its Honorary Life Membership Award of Distinction to Tom Mugridge at its 88th annual conference in Portland, OR on Sunday evening August 12, 2012.  The award is granted to ISA members who have contributed materially and substantially to the progress of arboriculture and have given unselfishly in their efforts to support arboriculture.

Thirty years ago, Tom Mugridge became a member of ISA. He recognized the importance of giving back to the industry supporting his livelihood. This year, we honor Mugridge with ISA’s Honorary Life Membership for his dedication to the profession and his support of the advancement of arboriculture.


A surprised and grateful Tom Mugridge thanking ISA members at the annual conference in Portland, OR.

A resident of Cleveland Heights, Ohio and former president of the Ohio ISA Chapter, Mugridge was one of the earliest of Ohio’s certified arborists to pass the ISA Arborist Certification exam and obtain his credential. Always on the forefront of best practices in the field, Mugridge is known to set the highest professional standards for himself, while networking and sharing what he learns with other arborists.

Mugridge, general manager of Forest City Tree Protection Company, actively serves on the ISA Membership Committee with an interest in continually evaluating how ISA can best serve its members.

Tom is the 4th individual from the Forest City Tree Protection Co to receive this prestigious award, following W. P. Lanphear, Jr in ‘1963, Bill Lanphear in 1988, & Lauren Lanphear in 1996.



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