Chim, Chim, Cher-ee ! Professional Chimney Sweeps

CHIM CHIM CHER-EE PROFESSIONAL CHIMNEY SWEEPS, a division of the FOREST CITY TREE PROTECTION CO., was founded in 1979 to provide chimney care services to Greater Cleveland area.

Our sweep will inspect and clean your fireplace and flue so that you can enjoy clean safe, fires.  Inspections include checking the damper to ensure that it is set and operates properly.  Cleaning removes flammable creosote & soot build-ups from the flue walls as well as removes creosote, dirt, & other debris from the smoke shelf area behind the damper.  We can also install caps to keep out animals,  rain, and snow.

Lauren Lanphear attended Chimney Sweep School in Stowe, Vermont in the fall of 1979 in preparation for the launching of Chim, Chim, Cher-ee ! Professional Chimney Sweeps.

Chimneys can be cleaned at any time of the year, so if  you haven’t had your chimney inspected or cleaned you might want to call upon CHIM CHIM CHER-EE at 216-381-8524 to make an appointment.


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