Lauren Interviewed for 10 O’clock News

Watch Mark Zinni’s Report – Click Here

Mark Zinni, reporter for Fox 8 WJW News was out to Forest City Tree Protection early this evening to tape a brief segment for tonight’s newscast.  If and when the threatened ice-storm arrives, what will it mean for our trees?  Wind speed will be a big factor.  If it stays under 20 mph damage should be limited.  If it gets up to 35 mph or higher watch out.  Fortunately, without their leaves, our deciduous trees will not hold as much snow and ice and therefore be far less prone to damage then might have been the case in late Oct or early Nov or  in late Mar – early Apr.  Evergreens are a different story – again wind will probably be the key factor.

And, keep in mind, working in icy trees intertwined with power lines is dangerous stuff.  Let’s hope the storm passes through Cleveland with minimal damage to people, property, AND TREES!


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